Saddle Up Huston

Hand Crafted Soft Saddles

soft saddle tools in a drawer

The Hustons are artist craftsmen—they make every piece of the saddles themselves—including the embellishments.

The shelves of Bill and Jean's shop are lined with leather stamping and silver engraving tools. Some of the tools are custom made to bring a design that Bill illustrates on paper to life on leather or silver.

Bill's true passion is creating art from scratch. Durable leather is the canvas of his choice. And like any good sculptor, he can mold the material to any shape or form.

soft saddle maker Bill Huston blue eyes
Bill Huston adjusts soft saddle
They are all handmade—personally made—for the customer.
— Jean Huston
The artist craftsman is about the opposite of a factory saddle maker—we do it out of love.
— Bill Huston
soft saddle boxes and things
Bill Huston soft saddle detail work