Saddle Up Huston

Hand Crafted Soft Saddles

Saddle maker Jean Huston Bill Huston

It was the first saddle Bill and Jean Huston made together.

saddle horn in sepia

The Guadalajara horn was laced in rawhide and capped with a sterling silver engraving of a mountain lion perched in a pine tree.

Ornate, the saddle was stamped with a basket weave and adorned with oak leaves. 

The famous Pendleton Round-Up was in full swing and folks from around the country were window shopping at the local saddle shops.

saddle acorn stamped

“Is that saddle for sale?” asked a man from Oklahoma. 

Bill was a bit undecided about selling the saddle but the buyer had cash burning a hole in his pocket.

So the man went back to Oklahoma with his memento from the West and the Hustons became a team.

Years later, Jean still enjoys the challenge of transforming a piece of flat leather into a work of art.

“I am always looking for a challenge,” said Jean. 

Jean excels at the flatwork—including the fenders, billets, breast plate and covers for the stirrups.

“She has a perfect knife stroke and brush stroke,” said Bill.

Jean is a perfectionist.

“If it doesn’t pass my inspection, it doesn’t leave the house,” said Jean.

saddle stamped starflower

Jean enjoys leather tooling and does a lot of the hand set stamping on the flat leather.

"There are some saddles I'd like to keep," said Jean.

One of her favorite saddles was stamped with a starflower and adorned with sterling silver and 300 Persian stones called Sleeping Beauty.

"I hand set everyone of them," said Jean.

Jean also hitches the cinches on a loom using mohair. Her fingers fly—skillfully creating woven patterns.

Huston hands weaving one
Huston hands weaving cinches
Huston weaving cinches
Bill Huston cinch in sunshine
Bill Huston saddle cinch in sunlight